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  • The people getting left behind

    The people getting left behind

    Why ‘in the era of remote working we need to stop thinking about ‘digital services’ as a separate thing, and just think about ‘services’. Last night when chatting to @RachelleMoose about whether digital is a privilege, which she’s blogged about here, it made me remember a conversation from a few weeks ago with @JanetHughes about […]

  • Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Last week I started working for @BeDifrent, a business transformation agency working with both Public and Private sector clients to help them deliver #TechForGood. This is a massive change for me, I spent almost 15 years in the Public Sector, I always said I was a public servant for life, and in my heart I […]

  • WomenInDigi19

    How we as leaders can keep supporting people As I sat listening to the conversations happening at the Women in Digital event on Wednesday, it occurred to me that although the point of the day was around creating more opportunities and continuing to support women working within digital, so many of the things that we […]

  • Round and round we go.

    In other words Agile isn’t linear so stop making it look like it is. Most people within the public sector who work in Digital transformation have seen the GDS version of the Alpha lifecycle: Which aims to demonstrate that developing services starts with user needs, and that projects will move from Discovery to Live, with […]

  • Speak Agile To Me:

    Speak Agile To Me:

    I have blogged about some of these elsewhere, but a quick glossary of terms that you might hear when talkingAgile or Digital Transformation.

  • DWP Videos featuring me!

    DWP Videos featuring me!

  • Changing perceptions of Women in Leadership

    Originally published at digileaders.com on November 3, 2017. Last month we delivered a breakout session at the Women into Leadership conference in Leeds. The conference is about managing the challenges of modern leadership, recognising and rewarding female leaders, and enhancing leadership opportunities for women so they can build skills to become the leader they aspire […]