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  • So, what is a Service Owner?

    Before I discuss what (in my view) a Service Owner is, a brief history lesson into the role might be useful. The role of the ‘Service Manager‘ was seen as critically important to the success of a product, and they were defined as a G6 (Manager) who had responsibility for the end to end service […]

  • WomenInDigi19

    How we as leaders can keep supporting people As I sat listening to the conversations happening at the Women in Digital event on Wednesday, it occurred to me that although the point of the day was around creating more opportunities and continuing to support women working within digital, so many of the things that we […]

  • DWP Videos featuring me!

    DWP Videos featuring me!

  • Finding your tribe. My path to the Civil Service:

    That’s been some great stories shared on twitter today, and it really got me thinking about why I joined the Civil Service, and why I’ve stayed in the public sector. Homeless till I was almost 4, I grew up on a council estate, daughter of a single mum, and like many others seemed to do, […]

  • Changing perceptions of Women in Leadership

    Originally published at on November 3, 2017. Last month we delivered a breakout session at the Women into Leadership conference in Leeds. The conference is about managing the challenges of modern leadership, recognising and rewarding female leaders, and enhancing leadership opportunities for women so they can build skills to become the leader they aspire […]

  • Bringing Product and Design together to build a user centric culture

    Why bringing Product and Design together is such a good idea. Within the Product Management community we often talk about the importance of the Vision and how critical a prioritised backlog is. Making sure we understand our users needs and making sure we deliver quality services that meet those users needs. Recently Service Design as […]

  • The strength of Product People in Government

    For those that don’t know me I’m Zoe, proud mum, avid geek and currently the Head of Product at the Department for Works and Pensions. At the start of this year, we in the DWP worked with the Goverment Digital Service to host the first ever cross-government Product Management conference. Why? Because we wanted to bring together all the Product Managers and Owners […]