Onwards and Upwards

Today I say goodbye to my work with Kainos, and begin my new role as a Director at Deloitte Digital.

I’ve really enjoyed the last 18 months with Kainos; and the opportunity it gave me to step back and focus on delivering ”A thing” after I was left feeling rather burnt out and exhausted by the hectic work of managing the delivery of “Everything” during the Pandemic working at Difrent.

Kainos are a wonderful company; and one I wholeheartedly recommend working with, they really care about their people and are passionate about what they do. But; what I did realise is that, not going to lie; I missed the responsibility’s I had when I was a Director. I missed being able to shape the direction of things; I missed being involved in those strategic conversations.

So; the opportunity to go work with Deloitte Digital as a Director came along at the perfect time for me; the chance for a new and bigger challenge. To keep working alongside the public sector that I’m passionate about, helping to deliver product and user centric offers that will deliver real value and sustainable transformation for users and the business clients.

This role also comes with the added bonus of being able to go back into an office a few days a week again; which I realised that I not only missed, but that I actually needed. As I learn more about managing my ADHD, I have realised that I do better having a few days in the office a week where I can bounce ideas off of others and be in atmosphere focused on work; without the daily distractions of being at home. I can then utilise my days working from home when I have something I really need to focus on without the distractions of others being around. The best of both worlds, with enough variety to keep my ADHD happy; especially once I get a client or two to work with and occasionally get to visit client sites.

I’ll try to do regular updates as I dive into my role and really build a clear of what it is I’m doing; but for now I’m just excited to get started!



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