Category: User Centric Design

  • Service Standards for the whole service

    How the service standards have evolved over time…. has recently published the new Service Standards for government and public sector agencies to use when developing public facing transactional services. I’ve previously blogged about why the Service Standards are important in helping us develop services that meet user needs, as such I’ve been following their […]

  • Producing Code or Fixing Problems?

    The role of Developers in user centric design. I’ve been working with Developers of different flavours for almost a decade now, and in that time I’ve worked with some amazing Devs, and some frustrating ones; the same as any role it depends on the person. I’ve also encountered a lot of stereotypes about Developers, primarily […]

  • What is the role of Business Analysts within agile?

    Analysisng the role of the Business Analyst. When we were looking at the Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) roles and capabilities back in 2016, one of the roles we really struggled with was the role of the Business Analyst (BA). Not because we didn’t agree that it was a role (because we absolutely did) but […]

  • Bringing Product and Design together to build a user centric culture

    Why bringing Product and Design together is such a good idea. Within the Product Management community we often talk about the importance of the Vision and how critical a prioritised backlog is. Making sure we understand our users needs and making sure we deliver quality services that meet those users needs. Recently Service Design as […]