Category: Diversity

  • Being a visible leader with an invisible disability.

    Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m a NeuroDiverse Senior Civil Servant. Last week I attended Civil Service Live, it was an interesting day, with sessions on everything from AI and keeping abreast of new technologies, to Transformation to resilience and personal wellbeing. The session that stood out most for me was the “Making Government an event greater […]

  • WomenInDigi19

    How we as leaders can keep supporting people As I sat listening to the conversations happening at the Women in Digital event on Wednesday, it occurred to me that although the point of the day was around creating more opportunities and continuing to support women working within digital, so many of the things that we […]

  • Why am I going to be flying my Pride flag extra high this Pride Month

    Looking round the news over the last 12 months and you could be mistaken for thinking in some places we’re back in the 80’s if not earlier. This week has brought news of Nazi’s attending Pride marches in America, Russia has been rolling back LGBTQ* rights for over a year now. In the UK there […]

  • Why it’s ok to recognise that not everyone is the same.

    At our LGBT* AGM a few weeks ago there were some really good conversations about what we could do to keep growing our network and supporting both the LGBT* members of our organisation, and ensuring as an organisation we are recognising what good looks like in terms of care for LGBT* people, and how we […]

  • Changing perceptions of Women in Leadership

    Originally published at on November 3, 2017. Last month we delivered a breakout session at the Women into Leadership conference in Leeds. The conference is about managing the challenges of modern leadership, recognising and rewarding female leaders, and enhancing leadership opportunities for women so they can build skills to become the leader they aspire […]